Crafted Small Group Tours to Japan

Let me show you around Japan.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Whereas traveling to certain parts of Europe, North America, or even Southeast Asia can be relatively straightforward, Japan remains an enigma for most visitors. If you want to navigate through Japan’s unique social etiquette and language, its endless steam of stunning cultural and historical attractions, and its widely ranging luxury levels and prices — you’ll want me there with you. Here’s your chance.

Crafted small group tours with me, your personal guide.

It’s not everyday that you’ll get to go on a personally escorted tour with a Japanese-born redhead who occasionally roams the streets of Tokyo in a hotdog suit. I’ve lived, worked, and traveled in Japan for over a decade, and am fluent in the language and culture. I’m also the author of this guidebook, in which I share much of my accumulated wisdom when it comes to traveling in Japan.

Now I’ve decided to take a special group of people (no more than 12-14) to experience the real Japan together with me. No hotdog suits this time, I promise.


The All-You-Can Japan experience includes:

1. A 13-night escorted tour through a carefully designed Japan tour itinerary including the following highlights (See full itinerary here):

    • Tokyo
      • Imperial Palace Gardens
      • Fish Market & Tuna Auction
      • Kabukicho Red Light District & Memory Lane
      • Akihabara (Electronics City)
      • Odaiba (Futuristic Man-Made Island)
    • Hiroshima
    • Kyoto
      • Golden Pavilion Temple
      • Philosopher’s Path
    • Nara
      • Todaiji (Big Buddha) Temple
      • Deer Park
    • Kobe
      • World’s Largest Suspension Bridge
      • Kobe Beef Lunch
    • Arashiyama
      • River boat tour through autumn foliage
    • Nikko
      • Edo Wonderland
      • Traditional overnight stay with a deeply relaxing soak in natural hot springs
    • Takayama
      • Takayama Autumn Festival
      • Morning Market

2. Accommodation for all 13 nights.

3. A 1-week National Japan Rail Pass for all our inter-city transportation. We’ll mostly be using the subway system within big cities.

4. 5 group meals at carefully chosen gastronomical paradises. 

5. Ground transportation fees for all our group travel (excluding rides to & from the airport). 

6. Admission fees to all sightseeing attractions along the group itinerary, including entrance to hot springs.

7. Pre-travel assistance — I will be available to consult on any pre-travel planning to ensure that you make the best of our trip. While we’ll have everyone book their own flights from their cities of origin, I will help find the best flight option for you that works with our itinerary.

8. Me! This isn’t a faceless tour company, and I’m not sending you off with some unknown guide. I will personally be escorting you on your trip, because I want to share with you my passion and admiration of Japan. You can read up on me here.


> Let’s feast at local food joints. It will be all you’re writing home about.

> Let’s zip between cities on Japan’s ‘Shinkansen’ bullet trains.

> Let’s witness and explore Japanese history and tradition at lively seasonal festivals.

> Let’s walk the Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto in search for enlightenment.

> Let’s soak away all our troubles in natural hot springs.

> Let’s shop for souvenirs and gifts at local markets.

> Let’s celebrate at traditional Japanese pubs.

No tourist traps. Just the real Japan.


Inquire with the form below or call me directly at +1-844-704-5314