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Who is the All-You-Can Japan Tour for?

If you’re ready to experience Japan the way it should be seen, with a Japan born and raised guide personally escorting you through the magnificent country — the All You Can Japan tour is for you. The sightseeing, attractions, and activities will be of interest to a wide range of age groups; it is a balanced mix of modern culture and Japanese tradition and history. This is an adult only tour, and you must be 20 years or older to participate.

How small is the group?

I would very much like to be able to provide personal attention to all the tour participants and therefore will be keeping the group size to 12-14 people, excluding the guide(s). This way our transportation will be smoother and take up less of our time, and it will be easier to dine at smaller (and better) food joints across Japan.

Who is leading the tour?

Me! I was born and raised in Japan, and have lived, worked, and traveled throughout the country for over a decade combined. I love Japan. My favorite part? The food, hands down. Everything else comes in at close second, though. This isn’t some faceless tour company. I will be personally escorting you and sharing with you a place I will always call home.

What is included in the price?

  • Accommodation for 13 nights (mostly at centrally located clean and simple business hotels). We’ll also be staying at least one night at a tradition Japanese ryokan (guesthouse).
  • All ground transportation along the itinerary and a 7-day National JR Rail pass for intercity travel.
  • 5 magical group meals are included in the price. Most hotel stays will include breakfast. Participants are responsible for the rest of their meals (don’t worry, I’ll show you the way to all the good stuff).
  • Finally, admission fees to sightseeing attractions on the itinerary are covered for you. This includes entrance to hot springs.
  • The tour price excludes flights, but I will do the research for you and help figure out which flight options are the best for you.


Is there a single supplement charge for solo travelers?

Nope, none of that here.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can find all the fine print for this tour on this page.

What are the food arrangements? What if I have dietary restrictions?

You’re free to dine wherever strikes your fancy, though it may be less flexible when we’re out and about with the entire group. I will always offer suggestions for good value food, and try to provide more than one option when we’re together. Although I cannot be responsible for accommodating every dietary restriction, please let me know in advance so I can advise you what you should or should not order at the places we dine in.

What is the pace of the tour? How much walking is involved?

My philosophy is that there is no better way to absorb a new place and culture than to roam its streets on foot. We will definitely be walking to/from bus and train stations, as well as strolling through specific neighborhoods, parks, gardens, and markets. There are no strenuous nature hikes planned (we’ll use cable cars for climbing, and boats for cruising). You can expect some long train rides, but these Japanese bullet trains (‘Shinkansens’) are extremely roomy and comfortable. Overall please prepare for a moderate and balanced tour.

What should I pack?

Comfortable walking clothes and shoes are my only requirements. Please pack as light as possible as we will be visiting multiple cities throughout the tour. Everything you might have forgotten or need may be easily purchased in Japan.

Do I book my own flight?

Yes, though I work with a travel agent and will be doing the research for you to help find the best flight option for you.

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