Josh Shulman Japan Travel Expert

I spent the first 12 years of my life growing up in Tokyo. Going through both international and local Japanese day-care and school systems, I was confused for a while how a Japanese kid could have red hair, or how a kid with red hair could be Japanese. After all, my Japanese friends have always told me that I was more Japanese than they were.

I eventually moved back to Israel with my family, but I never stopped calling Japan home. Junior year of high school was when I finally got the chance to take a six-week trip, during which I reacquainted myself once again with the mesmerizing country, its rich language and cryptic culture.

Before long I was once again on a plane to Japan, this time it was to work for a Japanese IT-security firm as a sales engineer. The “salary-man” life is indeed stressful, but between working in an entirely Japanese office environment and making daily visits to Japanese clients to demonstrate IT products, I got closely acquainted with the Japanese business culture and etiquette. Not only that, I also picked up on all the secrets the shrewd businessmen and locals have for getting by in an expensive country while still enjoying everything it has to offer.

My most recent trips to Japan were in 2009, 2012, and 2015, when I spent several months traveling to different parts of the country and writing my travel guide to Japan, “All-You-Can Japan.” I have since moved to the United States where I graduated with a B.A. from Princeton University and today I reside in Portland, Oregon with my wife and two dogs — Buddha and Mila. I currently work with kids and young adults as a Japanese language tutor.

I know Japan inside and out – as a resident, as a businessman, and as a traveler, though I must admit, I do have a sweet spot for Tokyo travel. You can count on my knowledge and years of experience to guide you through what is truly important in your trip to Japan without breaking your wallet. Go on a Japan adventure with me, your personal Japan travel guide.


Josh Shulman

Author, All-You-Can Japan: Getting the Best Bang For Your Yen