A Japan Travel Guide Like No Other

Have you always dreamed of traveling to Japan but were afraid it would be too expensive and too intimidating?

You’re right, Japan could be quite expensive. But despite your concerns, it is such a magnificent place that you will not have lived until you’ve seen it for yourself. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime journey. (Warning: You may get hooked!) Let a veteran who has lived, worked, and traveled in Japan for over a decade combined show you the way. Don’t go Japanese Sushito Japan and let your investment go to waste.

You’re making a hefty financial investment by choosing to go to Japan. Why let your money go to waste on $100 sushi meals and $500 hot-spring excursion packages, when I could show you how to find cheap sushi that is to die for, and how to relax in the country’s best hot-springs for a fraction of that price?

“All-You-Can Japan” does just that – it maximizes the return on your investment in experiencing the enigmatic Land of the Rising Sun. My book does not list the cheapest travel options. It provides you with the smart choices. It allows you to achieve the complete Japanese experience within your set budget, and when you go to Japan it even saves you hundreds of dollarsthat otherwise would go down the drain.

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All-You-Can Japan Travel Guide

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Josh, what makes you an expert on Japan travel?

I know Japan inside and out, and from different perspectives. My Japanese friends often say I’m more Japanese than they are. You can count on my knowledge and years of experience to guide you through what is truly important in your trip to Japan. I was born and raised in Tokyo for 12 years, where I went through both international and Japanese school systems. After moving, graduating high school and finishing my military service, I came back to Japan to work at a Japanese IT-security firm as a sales engineer. My last visits to Japan were in 2009 and 2012, when I traveled for over month all over the country while writing this travel guide. For more about me, see the About the Author page.

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