Is Japan Really That Expensive? Get the Most Bang For Your Yen

Japanese Sushi

Have you always dreamed of traveling to Japan but were afraid it would be too expensive and too intimidating? You’ve come to the right place.

Josh Shulman in Japan

I will be sharing here all of my insight on Japanese culture, food, language, and travel gained from 13 years of living, working, and traveling in Tokyo and around Japan. Having been born and raised in this magnificent country that still remains enigmatic to most, you will get a glimpse of Japan through the eyes of a true local – I even get accused of being more Japanese than the Japanese.

Japan, and especially Tokyo, has been long categorized as an expensive travel destination and place to live in. Count on me to tell you where, when and how to go for a genuinely Japanese adventure. No need for shoestrings or volunteering on farms as part of silly budget travel schemes out there! The point is to get what you should get out of Japan and be able to afford it. Your vacation is not another season of Survivor.

Apart from the information available on this blog, I have also written a book that guides you through the smart way to experience Japan, while saving hundreds of dollars. My goal is for you to find the right things to do in Japan, and make them affordable for those of you who are on a budget or just want a wallet-friendly vacation. The secret to a successful trip to Japan is not how much money you spend and how much you tighten your budget, but how you maximize the return on your investment. You need to travel SMART, not CHEAP, though they do often coincide.

All-You-Can Japan Travel GuideIn my book, “All-You-Can Japan: Getting the Most Bang For Your Yen” that is now out in its new and updated second edition, I provide you with a sensible Japan travel strategy and many useful Japanese phrases. The book is available in print and electronic formats on and other ebook stores. Check out the All-You-Can Japan homepage for more reviews and information, or to download a free chapter.

Let a veteran who has lived, worked, and traveled in Japan for over a decade combined show you how to make the SMART choices and achieve the complete Japanese experience within your set budget, and even save hundreds of dollars while you are at it. Download the first chapter for free from to get a sneak preview!



  1. Andrey - 8 April 2010 7 h 45 min

    Congrats on the wonderful blog! Will be sure to read, especially before my trip to Japan. On a separate note – will there be a dedication signing signing of your book?

  2. Josh Shulman - 8 April 2010 9 h 38 min

    I’ll consider it 🙂

  3. Niv Steingarten - 15 April 2010 2 h 48 min

    Looks like a promising blog.

    I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan.
    I even studied a little Japanese 🙂

    Looking forward to learn from your experience.

  4. - 8 March 2013 7 h 06 min

    Hey, I read that that we could get electronics things in cheap rate guys, Is that true, can we get it like that.

  5. Chris - 15 April 2013 5 h 38 min

    There really had never been a better time to travel to Japan then now! How good is the currency conversion rate

  6. Jodi - 8 November 2013 16 h 53 min

    Thanks for that, I’ll download the freebee and have a read. Been going to Japan for over 40 years and it’s still wonderful. Visit our backpacker style ski lodge when you’re in Niigata!

  7. Stephanie - 12 January 2014 14 h 24 min

    I really appreciate the information and the guide. My fiance and I are planning an Asian trip this summer and would love to spend a week or so in Japan as well.

  8. Emily - 12 January 2014 15 h 45 min

    If you research and plan, it shouldn’t be too much more expensive than any other vacation. Maybe the flight might be the biggest expense.

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