Tokyo Olympics 2020: Goodbye Kitty, Hello Cat

It’s official! The jolly blue cat with (literally) deep pockets, Doraemon, has been chosen over Sanrio’s Hello Kitty to be the mascot for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games bid.


Personally I think this is a great choice. The wise yet humble and friendly cosmic cat embodies Japan’s futuristic, innovative, and creative side together with its hospitality and kindness. Also, as The Japan Times reports:

Hello Kitty would have been a logistical nightmare with having to look after all her clothing and accessories. Doreamon needs none of that. Nor will he need expenses paid for transportation (he has chopper blades affixed to his head so he can fly away anytime he wants), food or entertainment. This public figure needs no security guards since no one can assassinate him, nor can he fall ill. Deep kitty bows of admiration.

I would have been cool with Anpanman too though:


Either way, I do hope this brings the Olympic Games to Japan and boots tourism, though you really don’t need the Olympics as an excuse to visit Japan. It’s awesome as it is. In fact, come with me on a special autumn tour!

Read the rest of The Japan Times article here.


  1. Stephanie - 12 January 2014 14 h 26 min

    How cool would it be to be in Japan for the Olympics. 6 years away? Hmmm. OK, the mascot is ‘eh!’ I’m getting tired of cutesy ones.

  2. Emily - 12 January 2014 15 h 48 min

    I can imagine the Hello Kitty character would have more counterfeit products. Good call by the officials.

  3. new - 6 March 2014 7 h 43 min

    Thanks for sharing, I like doreamon.

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